Thanks to April Read of Cherryvale for bringing to our attention a difficulty in working with the Overdues report linked from the circulation  screen, which many of you regularly use.  The only way to filter for your library is "Library of the Patron". However, if patrons of your library check out elsewhere, those overdues will show up on your report without any indication that they are checked out from a different library.  This has always been true when a patron of one library checked out somewhere else, but will happen more frequently with only one account per patron.  The problems this presents is that 1) another library's overdues will show up on your overdue list when the patron's home library is your library, and 2) you will not see overdues on your list for a patron who used your library when their home library is somewhere else.

In the example below, the last two items show up on Iola's overdues list, but are actually checked out from Moran.  There is no way of knowing this by looking at the report below.

Description: C:\Users\MParker\Downloads\a5ac39.jpg

You can tell where items are checked out from only if you look at the patron record.  When I click on the last patron in the snip from above,  this is what I see:

Description: C:\Users\MParker\Downloads\a5acd5.jpg

At this point, I can tell they were checked out from Moran, so they are not really "my" overdues.


This is something you should be aware of if you continue to use this report.  A better alternative is probably to use the custom report "Custom Overdue XX days" in saved reports, which shows books checked out at your library.